Inocucor is now Concentric, signaling the start of an important new era for our company

Our new name was chosen to reflect our purpose and our passion. Read more about what Concentric means to us, and the inspirations we found for the name throughout nature and the history of agriculture.

Concentric means having a common center

We stand alongside growers to find crop solutions that will usher in a safe, smart Second Green Revolution. We believe this next agricultural revolution must take a more holistic approach than the first one. It should be collaborative. It should be greener. It should depend on much more than new types of seeds and fertilizers. And it should embrace the benefits of biologicals.


CONCENTRIC represents growth and vitality in nature

Rings of growth in a tree. The petals of a flower. Ripples in water. Concentric circles abound in nature’s design signifying growth and vitality. Our products work to amplify a plant’s inherent potential for such growth and vitality – in a way that is safe for people and protects our natural environment.

Ruinen von Moray in Peru

Concentric circles have been a part of agricultural land design since ancient times

The Moray terrace ruin, found outside of Cuzco, Peru, is considered state-of-the-art for its time and is believed to have been used by  the Incas to study irrigation and micro-climate control.


Concentric circles continued to inspire agriculture land design into the nineteenth century

The sustainable land use model designed by German economist Johann Heinrich von Thünen consisted of four concentric rings of agricultural activity representing the proximity of dairying and intensive farming, timber and firewood production, grain crops and ranching to city life.

Circular Economy

Today, concentric circles can be found in sustainable economy models

The circular economy, in which resources are developed into products, used and then regenerated into new materials, is replacing the outdated linear model where we “take, make and dispose” of resources. The new model helps regenerate natural systems – an objective we at Concentric support.